STEPUP Standard

Mentoring and linking low-income youth to employment research  networking possibilities in climate response and sustainable development

STEPUP Standard

Stirring youths to contribute effectively towards monitoring of analysis of  appropriate response to climate change and ecosystem management.


Teenage dialogue on renewable energy transition
Teenagers are convinced they have a key role to play with some of the outbox possibilities like school fairs, innovation in renewable energy, clubs, exposure and at STEPUP we agree
Energy symposium
This whole drive of transitioning to renewable energy would benefit very much from application of the wonderful knowledge generated in academia that is being applied by knowledge users in development, market, policy and industry At the discourse led by MUBS, STEPUP demonstrated that between completing academic studies and acquiring a job, there is definitely a missing link- insufficient Graduate orientation to knowledge user-spaces. The graduates in whom such knowledge is packaged find themselves unable to secure employment or apply the knowledge acquired if they aren’t oriented to the job market, development, policy, industry and business frameworks. Conversation to continue with MUBS in addressing this for renewable energy transition.
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The essays of various participants are under review. Results shall be announced by 27th November 2023 

Short course students have been attached for practical apprenticeship with potential employers.

Recent projects

Research on Soil Organic Carbon Status in Agricultural Systems in Six (6) Countries of East Africa (AgriFOSE 1).

Study on food security and environmental tradeoffs in East Africa (AgriFOSE 2).


Why we exist

Why we exist

We exist because Uganda is one of the African countries depicted as data poor with respect to key indicators on environment and ecosystem management.This mainly stems from laxity in making deliberate efforts to collect data and information and ensuring that it is consolidated under relevant environmental indicators in ways that make it accessible to future users. STEPUP is working through young people to improve the quality of environment data and its documentation and dissemination.

Courses we offer

Environment monitoring

This course is structured to equip young people who are eager to contribute to the key global discussions on ecosystem management and climate change.

Project management

This course is structured to equip young people with project management skills

Communication Skills

This course is structured to equip young people with professional writing and communication skills

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