STEPUP Standard

Mentoring and linking low-income youth to employment research  networking possibilities in climate response and sustainable development

STEPUP Standard

Mentoring and linking low-income youth to employment research networking possibilities in climate response and sustainable development.


Teenagers have spoken!
If you are looking for outside-the-box innovations, avoid the grown ups! Listen to what secondary school students had to say about renewable energy in Uganda
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When academia meets industry
Isn't it sad that systematically generated knowledge sits on shelves in research institutions and universities? how do we transfer knowledge to users? Why don't we borrow a leaf from the AIDS sensitization model which worked strongly through the youth?
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Raising a boy: a community puzzle
Among the many issues that matter to us, the STEPUP community has decided to to tackle raising a boy-child. The STEPUP community is a social enterprise open to all seeking to join hands and resources in addressing socio-environment issues.
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Recent projects

Can soils reduce global warming?

People say that soils can trap carbon, what evidence exists in East Africa?

Overcoming human asset stranding

Securing the employment future of petroleum students amidst the renewable energy transition

Why we exist

Why we exist

  • Motivate young people to participate meaningfully in sustainable development and climate change discussions through facilitating their active utilisation of existing resources and collection of data
  • Work with other actors in sustainable development and climate change including academia, NGOs, Government, researchers, school, particularly in designing creative ways for meaningful mentorship of young people in data collection and research
  • Conduct research on sustainable development and climate change , and engage young people in the activities. 

Courses we offer

Environment monitoring

Exposing Learners to low cost environment monitoring approaches and relevance for sustainable development in Uganda

Project management

Practical hand-holding in project conceptualization and design; Skilling in pitching, proposal writing for partnerships and funding

Communication Skills

Practical skilling in structuring, preparing and delivering content for targeted audience; Writing and makinng oral presentation skills

Professional Self-marketing

Building soft skills for job seeking and professional presentation; Internship in practical job situation and mentorship

Hear from our fellows

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Want to join us in building climate resilience? empowering youths in data collection? or conducting research in Uganda?