European Space Agency – Future Earth joint programme call for proposals 2021: Biodiversity, climate impacts on human health, climate tipping elements

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Future Earth have partnered to facilitate the development and uptake of Earth observation data by Future Earth’s research networks.

The ESA-Future Earth joint programme funding supports links by bringing Future Earth scientists to meetings organised and supported by ESA, to promote the potential of Earth observation data to new communities and develop links with the GRPs and KANs. It also increases ESA’s involvement in Future Earth conferences and events, supporting with sponsorship, keynote speakers, expert scientist participation and joint sessions.

The partnership includes seed funding to stimulate new collaborations around the climate datasets provided under ESA’s Climate Change Initiative. Under this initiative, ESA has developed a suite of 23 Essential Climate Variable (ECV) data products in response to the UNFCCC’s need for systematic observations of the climate system.

The products merge data from multiple satellites and sensors to create long time-series of climate data, which are as stable and consistent as possible and suitable for a range of climate research applications.

The new call allows for research activities up to 20,000EUR. Deadline for proposals is 30 September 2021.
Information about this opportunity can be found HERE. Elegibility and details HERE.
Please get in touch with if you have any questions


Levitra Prezzo In Vendita

Levitra Prezzo In Vendita

Levitra Prezzo In Vendita

Levitra Prezzo In Vendita


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