About Us

Our History

STEPUP was opened in 2016 to stir young people to contribute effectively to monitoring, analysis and appropriate response to climate change and ecosystem management.
The data poor status of Uganda in terms of environment information can be addressed by engaging youth in collecting and organizing data in accessible formats. Organising environment information in ways that directly align with sustainable development goals of climate action and ecosystem management will contribute greatly to better planning and use of resources.

By engaging the youth in contributing to enhancing data coherence and reliability, STEPUP seeks to promote the country’s green accounting efforts, which will potentially increase trust in the country to deliver on its conservation and sustainable development commitments.

Who We Are

STEPUP Standard Limited exists to stimulate and build capacity of Ugandans to participate in ecosystem management, climate action and sustainable development.

We do this mainly by equipping young people with knowledge and skills in professional fact finding and communication of climate change and ecosystem management information using a well packaged model that entails training, internship placements and mentorship.

Owing to the vast population of young people with a desire to have a say in key global and national developmental issues and zeal to learn, Our Vision, is "Development based on sustainable environment management where young people participate meaningfully."

Our Mission is “To propel young people to actively participate in making climate change, ecosystem management and sustainable development locally relevant.”