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Environment Monitoring Environment Monitoring
Professional Writing, Communication And Presentation Professional Writing, Communication And Presentation
Project Management Project Management
Professional Self Conduct Professional Self Conduct
  • Ambrose Ndikabona (left) in the field at NaFORRI
    “There couldn’t have been a better way for me to understand Project Management. The exposure to people who are doing amazing work inspired me. The training opened my mind to the importance of research. I am mostly interested in operations so this taught me about the planning processes and why they are important too,” - Ambrose Ndikabona

    Ambrose Ndikabona holds a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Management from Kyambogo University. He is passionate about how machines can be used to improve human standard of living. During the Project Management program, he wrote a proposal on training rural communities in borehole... Read More.

  • “Working in a water body has got to be one of the bravest things I have done. Sometimes, the water levels were high. There were times we had to collect samples in the night. I was taught to swim because I needed to be safe. I am glad I got introduced to the practical side of research. If I ever claimed to be a scientist before this experience, I had no basis,” - Anna Tukundane

    Anna Tukundane is an Environmental Science graduate from Bishop Stuart University. She joined the Environment Monitoring program to get proper internship- an opportunity that she wasn’t availed during her undergraduate education. She had her internship with the National Forestry Resources... Read More.

  • “During my field experience, I had to figure out a lot of things myself in the process of implementation. I learnt to manage my time because we had a number of people to interview. After a couple of interviews, I got the hang of it and became efficient. I enjoyed interacting with the Bubugo community members,” - Anthony Tinka

    Anthony Kato Tinka holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mbarara University of Science and Technology. During the Environment Monitoring program, his first internship was with Bubugo Conservation Trust where he participated in a household survey on use of improved cookstoves. His... Read More.

  • “Preparation for presentations has always been an uphill task until I worked through it with Dr. Namirembe. I liked the sessions where I was recorded, timed and critiqued. I learnt to keep my presentations precise and engaging,” - William Ssettuba

    Edward William Ssettuba is the Dean of Students in Charge of Career Development Affairs at Mengo Senior School. He has developed programs to raise awareness about higher education opportunities. His desire was to hone his capacities in Professional Writing, Communication and Presentation. He had... Read More.

  • “I found the class on risk response strategies quite interesting. It was good to know that there are ways to go about a project, in full knowledge of the risk involved, without having to quit it completely. Strategies like risk mitigation (where the effect of the risk is reduced), risk transfer (where the impact of the risk is borne by the third party) and monitoring the risk,” - Elizabeth Makula

    Elizabeth Suubi Makula demonstrated initiative and proactiveness in applying the skills she has gained in solving prevailing challenges during the Project Management course. She identified a World Bank competition for youth-led initiatives titled Ideas for Action and mobilised her peers to... Read More.

  • "It is commendable that considerations are made to ensure that ecosystems are not gravely affected through the development process. I however would like to understand if the offsets are made in the very geographical area affected by the loss of forest cover,” - Emmanuel Ssentamu

    Emmanuel Mugagga Ssentamu holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Uganda Christian University. During the Environment Monitoring course, he was attached to the National Environment Management Authority to identify ecosystems that would be traversed by the Standard Gauge... Read More.

  • "I want to promote sustainable use of natural based resources for socio economic development," - Eriab Mutyaba

    Eriab Mutyaba holds a Bachelor of  Journalism and Mass Communication from Ndejje University. During the Environment Monitoring course, he ably demonstrated the relevance of the old knowledge that he already had to the new knowledge he was introduced to, which made the discussions lively.  He... Read More.

  • “At university, we never get assessed on how we present. The lecturers only critique the content but never the mode of delivery. The classroom sessions of this program trained me to make professional presentations,” - Evelyn Namono Nambuba

    Evelyn Namono Nambuba is an Industrial and Organisational Psychology student. She seeks to understand the role of people in driving development processes. From her apprenticeship in Human Resource Management at Entebbe Hospital, Evelyn dealt mainly with analysing systems that link staff to... Read More.

  • “I want to contribute to the current efforts towards sustainable development as a seasoned environmentalist, ready to address environmental issues locally, regionally and globally,” - Godfrey Nviiri

    Godfrey Nviiri holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Economics from Busitema University. During the Environment Monitoring course, he demonstrated understanding of environmental concepts and their relevance in development processes at national and global level. Godfrey did his... Read More.

  • “Environment research is not rocket science. With the right attitude, anyone can do it. More young people should be encouraged to participate and given opportunities that get them to appreciate how much value they can add. Many are afraid of research because our education system makes it seem really complicated. It can be done and the process can be quite interesting,” - Harriet Awino

    Harriet Awino’s niche is partnerships and marketing but she easily adapts to new environments and assignments outside her comfort zone.Her Environment Monitoring internship was at Bubugo Conservation Trust, where she was part of the team investigating the implementation and adherence to the... Read More.